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What is a thesis?

Thesis is one of the types of final qualifying work. This is an independent creative work of students, which is carried out by them in the last year of study according to scientific programs for the training of specialists in various industries. The diploma is usually completed by students who study in social, humanitarian and socio-economic specialties in order to generalize, systematize, generalize and, most importantly, test special theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and abilities of graduates. The project preparation process, being the final stage of training, helps to develop students' skills for independent critical work in the professional field.

Write a thesis

In the modern world, work, the family takes more and more time, respectively, for other activities, including writing scientific papers, there are fewer and fewer opportunities. Indeed, in addition to writing the diploma itself, it must also be approved with the head, corrected according to the recommendations and checked for uniqueness. It is very difficult to cope with such a galaxy of tasks, even devoting all your free time to writing a scientific work.

Our site is able to help you by spending the minimum amount of personal time to receive a finished diploma in the required time frame for a reasonable fee. In addition to writing the work itself, our authors can help you with related tasks, such as preparation: presentation, presentation for defense, review, abstract. Also, in addition to writing a work to improve scientific qualifications, specialists can help with less voluminous scientific tasks: abstracts, essays, abstracts, reports, articles, term papers, laboratory and test papers, and so on.

In the process of clarifying the details of the diploma to order with the manager of our service, it will be possible to choose the necessary uniqueness of the diploma in accordance with the requirements of higher educational institutions. In most universities, the required uniqueness of the project in accordance with the anti-plagiarism program is 70%, that is, the higher the authenticity of the qualification project, the higher the score you can get during the defense.

Completion of theses

The diploma project is the result of students' research work for the entire period of study at a higher educational institution. There are two types: bachelor's, which is written at the end of the 4th year, and master's, which is prepared for students in the 6th year. Thus, such a comprehensive form of control of the achieved qualification level should correspond to all positions of the professiogram of a specialist in a particular industry. For the bachelor's level, the volume of pages, as a rule, is 50-70, and for the master's level - 70 pages or more.

The structure of thesis

This type differs from other types of scientific works in that it has such structural elements as:

  • title page;
  • content;
  • a list of abbreviations;
  • the main part, which contains an introduction, theoretical and practical subsections, conclusions;
  • general conclusions;
  • a list of sources used;
  • additions.

Make a thesis

The most important factors in the writing process are: the choice of a topic, the correct drawing up of a plan for future work, an analysis of the source base of the selected topic, the ability to select and organize the material, the literacy of the implementation, the compliance of the project with all the requirements for design and structure. That is why ordering a thesis is the right decision that will help make life easier for a student. The price of a thesis depends on the student's specialty, discipline, topic, language of writing, level of uniqueness. The cost of thesis is calculated individually based on your requirements.

Deadline for writing a graduation project

We provide services for writing bachelor's and master's theses. Buying a thesis from us is definitely the right step, which will help you get an original and high-quality project with the possibility of support until the defense itself, as well as the provision of free revisions and edits from the author. The specialists of our site, regardless of the volume and complexity of the execution, are able to perform your work even in the shortest possible time.

Buy the thesis

Buying a thesis rather than writing it yourself is the decision of many students, because buying a project allows you to save your own time and is guaranteed to get quality work.

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