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Article writing

An article is one of the types of scientific short publications that describes intermediate or final results, usually obtained in the process of writing a qualifying work. It may also address individual issues on the subject of the study. That is, an article is written and published in collections or special journals in order to test certain conclusions, statements of the researcher regarding the hypothesis he voiced. Most often, students, graduate students, and teachers who improve their skill level deal with writing an article.

Features of writing articles

Each of us has ever faced the difficult task of writing an article. In this paragraph, we will try to briefly explain why this type of work often causes difficulties.

It should be noted that any article, regardless of the topic, specialty, specific subject, should consist of such structural elements as:

1. At the beginning, there must be a statement of the problem and its relationship with practical problems.

2. Next, you should submit an analysis of studies and publications of other scientists who touched on this topic. Find out what is already in science, and what issues still remain unresolved today and require detailed consideration.

3. Formulation of goals. The article implies a clear setting of goals and the allocation of specific tasks. Thanks to predetermined tasks, it will be easier for the author to navigate in the order of presentation of the material.

4. The main section of the article, which sets out the ideas, provisions, thoughts of the author regarding the voiced problem.

5. Explanation of the conclusions based on the results obtained, as well as an indication of the prospects for further research.

6. Providing a list of used literature.

Also, the content of the article as a type of publication has a number of requirements:

  • the text must necessarily be unique and relevant, that is, such as has never been in science before;
  • the material must contain scientific novelty, as well as have practical significance;
  • abstract - a summary of the main provisions of the article and the results of the study. Usually the abstract consists of 150-200 words;
  • bibliographic references - it is recommended to use about 15 sources for the last 7-10 years, alphabetically numbered;
  • the volume varies from 8 to 18 pages according to the instructions of the collection or magazine.

Rules when writing an article

In the process of writing any scientific article, the following key rules must be observed:

  • the title should be short, preferably up to 5 words and reflect the main idea of the content of the article;
  • unlike an essay, rhetorical questions cannot be used in an article;
  • the text of the work should be full of narrative sentences, not overloaded with numbers and quotes;
  • you should use connecting words, such as: first, second, then, so, so and so on;
  • the work should contain as many direct author's judgments as possible;
  • end the article, as a rule, should be specific conclusions of the study.

Help writing an article

Our company is a leader in the field of providing the implementation of scientific projects and, accordingly, we strive to ensure that when a person enters “Writing articles to order” or “Writing articles cost” in the browser and immediately seeing kursach.site, he understands that, having ordered work, he will receive high quality service, timely communication with the author through a personal manager at a reasonable cost. Writing an article has a price, which is regulated based on criteria such as: specialty, discipline, topic, uniqueness level, page size and deadline.

Our office for writing articles to order is located in Kiev, which allows us to instantly respond to changes in the field of education and accordingly keep the bar of quality and authenticity at the proper level. Ordering an article on the Internet using our resource is absolutely no problem. After you leave a request, a personal manager will contact you, who will be assigned to you immediately after submitting an application and help you buy an article of any complexity at the best price. The client can always count on the guarantees provided by our contractors, regardless of the type of work. Professionalism, interesting content and literacy of the authors are able to fill an ordinary article with an original presentation.

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Absolutely every student at the university is faced with the question of writing an article. In order to qualitatively and correctly issue this scientific work, you need to make a lot of effort and spend your own time. If you do not want to write the work yourself, then our service will be happy to help you buy an article at an affordable price with the highest level of uniqueness.

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